AFO System Tech offers a unique ‘Win-Win’ Solution to manufacturing companies, looking into digitalising their factory and improve their operation with Industrie 4.0 in mind.

ICES (i4.0 Core Enteprise System) is the latest technology integrated building block system that provide manufacturers a solid but flexible foundation to start the i4.0 transformation for their factory.

With the value-for-money proposition, it is all Win-Win for all parties involved!

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APS - Featured Services

Improve production efficiency
FrePPLe offers an advanced planning and scheduling system that helps you create a lean manufacturing infrastructure with streamlined processes in a user friendly software solution.
Theory of constraints
FrePPLe dynamically recognizes bottleneck resources and materials. Non-critical resources are planned to match the pace of the bottleneck.
Pull-based planning
FrePPLe’s planning algorithm propagates customer demand through the production stages. Pull-based planning based on customer signals avoids overproduction and allows waiting delays to be reduced to a minimum.
Rich modelling capabilities
Whether you work in a make-to-stock, make-to-order or a configure-to-order environment, Frepple takes in account your manufacturing facilities, business rules and constraints.
Due date quoting
FrePPLe’s due date quoting module provides a Available-to-Promise (ATP) and Capable-to-Promise (CTP) algorithm. It dynamically computes a feasible delivery date for a new order considering all capacity, material and lead time constraints across all levels in the bill of material.
Demand forecasting
FrePPLe’s forecasting module provides statistical forecasting algorithms to predict future demand based on the sales history.

FrePPLe is an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement open source advanced planning and scheduling tool for manufacturing companies. When spreadsheets doesn't suffice any longer to adequately plan and schedule your production, frePPLe allows in an easy and cost-efficient way to generate a more optimized plan. FrePPLe implements planning algoritms based on best practices such as theory of constraints (ie plan around the bottleneck), pull-based planning (ie start production as late as possible and directly triggered by demand) and lean manufacturing (ie avoid intermediate delays and inventory).

FrePPLe bvba is a Belgian company founded by the main author Johan De Taeye. He’s a Belgian IT enthousiast and consultant with over 15 years of experience in the field of planning algorithms, planning processes, their real-life implementation and their technical integration. He has been involved in plenty of implementation projects of production planning tools at customers such as Nokia, ST Microelectronics, IBM, Philips, Dassault Aviation, Zodiac Aerospace, …


PLM - Featured Services

Getting Control of Your BOMs

Bringing complex products to market and maintaining them through their life is a multi-step process. It requires managing bills of material (BOM) not only across mechanical, electrical, and software disciplines but in the extended supply chain as well.

It's Not Just About Parts

Developing complex products, manufacturing and maintaining them through their life requires managing evolving product configurations embodying information developed by multiple groups inside the organization and in the supply chain. The challenge of managing complex configurations can lead to costly errors and delays.

Leverage All Your CAD Data

PDM with Aras provides secure and consistent management of the creation, change and archive of information from all popular MCAD and ECAD systems. Integration with PDM/PLM makes it available across the enterprise as well as supply chain partners and fully integrates it with part and BOM structures.

Integrated Quality and Compliance Management

The Aras Quality Management System application addresses this gap in quality management processes by integrating quality planning into PLM, where it can be linked to product designs and business-critical processes such as change management. The result is a comprehensive solution that provides cross-disciplinary teams and the extended supply chain with powerful capabilities to identify and manage risk, improve quality, meet customer requirements, and attain environmental, safety, medical, and other forms of compliance.

Complexity, Simplified

Project Management enables organizations to manage new product development and engineer-to-order processes for complex projects that require global collaboration. By linking deliverables to project tasks, completion status and control are significantly enhanced.

Control Your Components

Component Engineering simplifies electronic component selection, approval, sourcing and compliance processes. Engineers and procurement specialists have instant access to complete, current technical data, as well as obsolescence and compliance information, on hundreds of millions of board-level components from leading manufacturers around the world.

Aras Innovator is a suite of enterprise software for managing complicated product lifecycle management business processes. The Aras Innovator software is used for product lifecycle management (PLM), advanced product quality planning (APQP), lean product development, product quality control, collaborative product development and new product introduction (NPI).

Aras Corp was founded in 2000 in Andover, Massachusetts. The Aras team combines deep experience from the industry's major enterprise PLM software companies, including PTC, Oracle Agile, Eigner, and Workgroup Solutions, with executive operating expertise in product development, manufacturing operations, supply chain and quality management.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness - Featured Services

The speed at which a Work Centre runs as a percentage of its designed speed.

Asset operating time as a percentage of operating time available. This is often referred to as Uptime.

Quality of Yield
The total Good Units produced as a percentage of the Total Units Started. This is commonly referred to as First Pass Yield or FPY.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a Manufacturing Industry Standard Metric tool commonly used to measure three critical manufacturing performance it order to monitor and improve Factory Machine utilization. The OEE figure is calculated using the underlying sub-components Availability, Performance and Quality. You multiply the three components. The result will be your OEE score.

FactoryOEE is a simple yet innovative service to virtualize your manually recorded production data for monitoring and analysis in a suite of world class interactive charts and dashboards on your private, secure company website.

FactoryOEE is a Software-As-A-Service product. That means no software to install, no hardware to buy, and no additional IT infrastructure required. Simply log in through your browser and start improving your production today!

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